EBAY SALE Numero Uno…!!!


Welcome to my Ebay auctions. These records are carefully chosen from my own personal collection. My name is Philippe Noël, a serious record collector and DJ specializing in afro, latin and caribbean sounds from the vintage past. I also founded the tropical dancefloor events and blog Canicule Tropicale back in 2010.

These records now for sale have all been tested on the danceflloor and/or recorded in mixtapes (see my blog caniculetropicale.com). These records are deeply recommended for tropical rare groove DJ’s so bid with confidence!



6 Comments on “EBAY SALE Numero Uno…!!!”

  1. Juan Ramon Cordero says:


    Im from Colombia and love your music! I see your events are working well for ustedes!! Congrats, what do you recommend me for a caliente night with my wife?

  2. Neb Popovic says:

    Greetings from Russia,

    Do you ship to Russia as well?

    Juan Ramon: lol for the caliente night


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