Canicule 45rpm Review: Alex Figueira aka Vintage Voudou


hello everyone!
welcome back to the canicule tropicale blog! as this is our first record review ever, we chose to promote amsterdam’s hardest working man in the tropical genre, alex figueira of vintage voudou fame! Alex released this amazing 45 a few months ago, and since i’ve been playing it every single times that I mixed the last 2-3 gigs, it was simply logical to share it here with you guys! Also check out his website music with soul record!!!

So here’s a mini-interview with the king!

name 5 records (lp or 45) you bring to every gig:

1)son palenque “ane jue”
2)guaco 1980
3)candeia: “seguinte raiz”
4)yoruba Singers “ojinga’s own”
the basa bongo 45 is also like mastercard:
‘never leave home without it”
5)joão cirilo

how did you get into tropical music?

I didn’t really “get” into tropical music. being raised in the caribbean, tropical music was never a choice… but let’s say I started digging deep into it some years ago
when I was feeling home sick and would ask my mother to send me merengue and salsa records

how did you get to Holland anyway? You moved by yourself to Holland? At what age?

I first moved to portugal, when I was 16, the land of my parents. I lived there for 7 years and moved to Holland after I finished studying.
I think I was almost 23 when I moved here…

how old are you now?

what instruments you play?
drums and percussion, decently enough to make a simple recording…
all kinds of strings and keys.

buy this incredible 45 here!
you can listen to samples down here!

Vintage Voudou:

Camuri Chico:


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