Super Uepa Cumbias… Vol. 3 !!!!!!!!


Yes, it’s been a freakin’ while since the last super uepa cumbia mix… but here it is finally, RAW, LIVE, DANCEFLOOR WINNERS ONLY!

Please share with all your folks that love cumbia as much as we do! Very obscure and super rare selection of cumbias, gaitas, mapalé, charanguara, musarana, charanga and guarachas for your ultimate enjoyment!


Volume 1
Volume 2


4 Comments on “Super Uepa Cumbias… Vol. 3 !!!!!!!!”

  1. Fais says:

    Love this!

  2. adam isbell says:

    Great set Philippe. Superb!

  3. Christine says:

    THANKS! Another great one!
    Is there a link to download vol 1? Sorry if I’m missing it on that page, but can’t seem to find it and can’t DL from Soundcloud. Merci boucoup!

  4. Sabroso, sweet tunes, luvaly. Mi gusta

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