Canicule Tropicale Radioshow… Vol.3!


Here we go! Third instalment of the Canicule Tropicale Radioshow for your listening pleasure! This time we have a very special guest called Raynald Macher-Poitras, who’s mother lived in Rio de Janeiro in the 70’s. So we decided to dedicate the first half of the show to brazilian records. Of course the second half compensates with the usual dancefloor winners – from Latin America, the Caribbeans and of course Africa – you got used to expect from Canicule Tropicale! hehe 😉

Anyway hope you like, and don’t hesitate to email us for the names of the tracks if needed. See ya!



5 Comments on “Canicule Tropicale Radioshow… Vol.3!”

  1. Wallace Roza says:

    Bonita seleção 😀

  2. Juan says:

    Great stuff….you guys are cool for putting these mixes up.

  3. Juan says:

    Can you tell me the instrumental cancione beginning at 25;30??

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