Introducing… The Canicule Tropicale Radioshow!


Finally!!! Yes, the very first ever episode of the Canicule Tropicale Radioshow with hosts Philippe Noël and Clement Jehan aka La Mano Peluda! Please be very indulgent as this is our first attempt, so you might notice a few mishaps on the way, but then you know it can only become better with time! Super last minute surprise for this episode, we had the great honor and pleasure of having also our very first guest(!) to the show… indeed, from Paris on vacation we have Julien Lebrun a super DJ and tropical music connoisseur, and the half of the amazing french label Hot Casa Records, the other half being crazy digger of the african continent, Djamel Hammadi aka Afrobrazilero, a household name on ebay

Please have a listen and tell us what you think! Don’t forget this is a first try so give us a chance to practice and come back very soon with a brand new and improved episode within the next couple of weeks!

P.S.: French only radioshow (for now), sorry about that!! Hope you can still enjoy…



3 Comments on “Introducing… The Canicule Tropicale Radioshow!”

  1. Christine says:

    Congrats on your first show! I really enjoyed it & the variety of songs played! I don’t speak French, unfortunately, but I loved all the songs. I wish I did speak French so I could understand, but there are enough ugly Americans out there already who expect the rest of the world to speak English! If I could only make one request, it would be for a tracklist. But great show, especially for your first one. Looking forward to the next one! 🙂

  2. asmaaca says:

    super première émission j’ai adoré l’afro-latin et le colombien finale…keep it up…solo estas empiesando!

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