Super Uepa Cumbias Vol.2!!!

Yes we are back! Now for the first of the ‘Volume 2’ series of the previously posted selections on the blog. We are very proud to present you the sequel to Super Uepa Cumbias Vol.1! Again coming out strong with a selection of DEVASTATING cumbias (and a few pachangas thrown in there!) straight from Canicule Tropicale creator Philippe Noël’s precious record collection. Sorry no tracklist this time. But maybe some of you can already identify some of these, who knows!



6 Comments on “Super Uepa Cumbias Vol.2!!!”

  1. boxengo says:

    warming my hands over this after stacking wood, very warm, thank you!

  2. Christine says:

    thank you, thank you! 🙂

  3. […] can grab it from the Canicule Tropicale blog and here’s what they […]

  4. […] with our 3rd volume of congolese masterpiece! If you still haven’t heard the Volume 1 nor the Volume 2, missing it would be a crime…! Man do we love Congo/Zaire/RDC over here at Canicule […]

  5. miguel says:

    you think i can get this album #2 and the vol. #1

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