Beninese Party Mix!

Hello everyone! In the mood for some party music from Benin? Please enjoy this selection of amazing music from this tiny country in West Africa, but one of the richest musically of course!


Eskill & Vicky – Ecoutes ma mélodie
Les Méssagers du Bénin – Ajanu Ce
Adjaho G. Coffi – Donkpê Lê Sité!
Mathilde Yanclo – Mi Amor de Todos Dias
Danialou Sagbohan – Kokoriko
Ometh & Louiziana – Manje Po Ya
Tidiane Kone – Fangate Djangele
Poly- Rythmo – Yao Yao
Antoine Dougbe – Nou Akuenon Hwlin Me Sin Koussio
Gnonnas Pedro – Ati Mawuin Dagamasi


2 Comments on “Beninese Party Mix!”

  1. Christine says:

    Merci boucoup Monsieur Noel! 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    p.s. love that pic! 🙂

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