Descarga, Pachangaa y Cumbiaaa!

This very rhythmic latin mix is the result of a middle-of-the-week-day-off-from-work relaxing at home and even having the arrogance of serving myself one or two (or three?) glasses of Barbancour rum while going through my records and deciding to please the Canicule Tropicale aficionados…

So here’s what came out of this early afternoon’s home cooking. Hope you enjoy when played loud!



6 Comments on “Descarga, Pachangaa y Cumbiaaa!”

  1. Christine says:

    This Canicule Tropicale aficionado is very pleased! 🙂
    Many thanks!!!!

  2. neilambrose says:

    Thanks for sharing Philippe. Great Recipe!

  3. ALEXIS says:

    going crazy from 28 min to the end !!! WHAT THOSES TRACKS NAME .;;..?

  4. boxengo says:

    que rico!

  5. Christine says:

    Listening to this mix again today and really enjoying it… just wanted to say thanks again!

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