La Champeta de Felito

Ever since I heard for the first time the sublime soundway compilation Palenque! Palenque! Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots of Colombia (compiled by Bogota’s Palenque Records owner Lucas Silva aka DJ Champeta Man and of course Miles Cleret), I knew I was in for a truly refreshing treat! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cumbia or other styles emerging from Colombia’s golden era (1950s to 1970s), but I never would have thought possible of becoming addicted to sounds from the 80’s… Oh boy was I wrong!

While digging in Barranquilla in December of 2010 I was very lucky to hang out with Felito Records grandson for a few days and go through the catalogue’s dead stock. After 5 days of record digging in Barranquilla I realized the only way to continue my one month vacation was to ship home the 100+ LPs and 45s I had purshased in that very city located on the caribbean coast of Colombia. Even though it costs about $200 to ship 100 records from Colombia to Canada, trust me it’s worth every penny when you’re able to get your hands on amazing records that are either impossible to find outside Colombia or super expensive when found for sale on ebay…!

So anyway, here’s a sweet little selection from my Felito LP collection. You’ll notice a few gems that were also included on the Soundway compilation, but feeling so lucky to have the original copies I thought I could nicely incorporate them into the mix! so either sit back relax and enjoy, or pump up the volume of your soundsystem and dance your a** off like there’s no tomorrow. Either way is good for me!


Abelardo Carbono – Palenque
La Nina Emilia – Empuja Empuja
Cassimbas Negras – Bumburumbumbum
Groupe Las Aguilas Rojas – Yeye Yeye
La Nina Emilia – La Pelea es Peleando
Nelda Pina – El Sucusu
Ricardo Mendoza – la gaita del negro
La Agrupacion Bionica – Lamento Africano
La Nina Emilia – Tio Rano
Nelda Pina – Punta y Folclor
Abelardo Carbono – La Nega Kulengue
Los Cumbiamberos de Gamero – El Pajaro Picon
El Chino Acosta y su Banda – Jamon con Yuca


12 Comments on “La Champeta de Felito”

  1. christine says:

    Love it! Thank you, merci boucoup y muchas gracias! 🙂

  2. neilambrose says:

    Awesome mix, Phillipe. Just perfect for the sunny weather here in the UK. Thanks!

  3. boxengo says:

    much heavier than anticipated…wow

  4. ken says:

    Nice mix. I’ve been into champeta/terapia since the 1990’s and try to collect all of the CDs that have been made available outside of Colombia. Another country with a vibrant mix -u up of antillean and African pop music is Suriname, also in South America. Thanks, i’m looking forward to listening to this. BTW, the “Palenque, Plaenque” collection was one of my least favorite of the various champeta compilations to hit the market. Perhaps if they had focused less on the Afro beat/funk/psychedelia that has been flooding the market and more on acts like this


  5. PAUL says:

    Hey we’re in Barranquilla trying to find Felito’s? Do you have an address?

  6. Evelyn Raetz says:

    Shane is a marvellous person, one of the few honest people in the music business of Barranquilla, always enjoy digging in his bodega and talking to him and the people around.
    Thank you Phil for presenting this great stuff here !

  7. Christian says:

    Nice mix, man!

    I have a question for you: in which album is “Tío Rano” by La Niña Emilia included? I haven’t found yet any info about it.

    Thanks a lot.

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