Guest Mix for Les Mains Noires blogspot!

Hello everyone! If you’re not already a fan of France’s LesMainsNoires blogspot website (now based in Sao Paulo, Brazil), then please go check it out ASAP. It is truly one of the best music blogs out there at the moment, period! It is self-described as “a project with multiple facets destined to all curious and to music & images lovers.” It also features mixes and other contributions by legendary record diggers, dealers and selectors from around the world, among them Grégoire de Villanova (Diaspora Records), A Man called Warwick (Turning Point), Paulo Gonçalves (Superfly Records), Nicolas Skliris (Superfly Records), Florence Chavrier aka Mambo C, Florent Mazzoleni, Orl, Fred Martin, the guys at Plexus Records and of course the one and only FAUD LesMainsNoires himself!

So having said all that, it’s with all the honor in the world that we cooked a special exclusive selection for Les Mains Noires blogspot. Hope you enjoy and PLEASE VISIT THIS AMAZING WEBSITE:

Click here to listen or download the mix on Les Mains Noires blogspot!


10 Comments on “Guest Mix for Les Mains Noires blogspot!”

  1. Christine says:

    bonjour phillipe!
    i can’t seem to get the mix to play or download… 😦
    it’s saying “the source file cannot be read”. i’ve tried on two different computers…
    i left a comment on les main noires, too.
    i love your mixes, please help me!! 🙂
    merci boucoup!

  2. Christine says:

    also, thank you so much for letting us know about lesmainsnoires!! i have just started listening to a mix from there, and it’s AMAZING! can’t wait to hear all the rest!
    merci phillipe!

  3. neilambrose says:

    Hi Phillipe – I’ve just come across your site via Les Mains Noires. Wow! You’ve got some wonderful sounds here – great job!

  4. bonjour,

    je suis tombé sur ton site en cherchant a communiquer avec le blog ‘les mains noires’ puisque je n’ai plus acces a leur me tue.c’était un de mes sites seul connections avec de la fraiche découverte de musique.comment faut faire pour y avoir accés puisque c’est seulement sur invit???

    en tout cas merci pur la zic que tu fait plaisir de voir lemonde autrement a travers toutes ces découvertes.bon digging!!

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