Mambo Merengue & Co.

Hello again! Well ok, I just couldn’t resist doing another mix so soon after last one posted last week-end, but you know it’s been more more than 2 months since my last DJ gig, and the next one won’t be before the end of January… So here is a delicious selection of ultra rare mambos, pachanga cha cha cha, plenas, bombas, guajiras, and of course a couple of supra merengues. let’s just say I’ve been waiting a long time to blend my favorite merengue tracks into one selection, so here it is. Truly hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as the other mixes available on this blog!


5 Comments on “Mambo Merengue & Co.”

  1. christine says:

    please feel free not to resist doing another mix whenever you like!!! 🙂

  2. dijjaay says:

    Lovely mix Phillippe!!!

  3. Sport Casual says:

    First listen and it’s a favorite already

  4. hide says:

    never fed up with this!

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