Super UEPA Cumbias!!!

Hello everybody! To end this first year on a nice note, I thought about sharing some of my favorite cumbias from my record collection. I really hope you like it! Please share with your friends and anybody who you think like cumbia, as these very special and rare tracks might not be available anywhere else on the web… Really really hope you gonna enjoy this one and please play as loud as your stereo can hold!! See you soon!


ritmo de cumbia
cumbia con velas
marta lucia
negra cumbiambera
cumbia del sol
cumbia en do
negro y su cumbia
las vueltas de pello
noches de colombia
cumbia del puerto
cumbia en la sabana
cumbia buena
cumbia suave


12 Comments on “Super UEPA Cumbias!!!”

  1. Alexis says:

    Super job
    Peut on avoir quelques titres de la tracklist ?

  2. Macka says:

    Heavy AND essential! This makes my day.

  3. christine says:

    MUY EXCELLENTE! muchas gracias et merci boucoup! me gusta mucho! 🙂

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