Cuba Libre (blended by DJ KOBAL)

Born in Alsace (France) and based in Montréal since a few years now, Jerome Decis – DJ Kobal – is a true record digger with his 20-year experience! I’m very proud to have had this amazing DJ and pal along for the Canicule Tropicale ride since the beginning of it all back in September of last year. We started pretty low profile in a few local bars until we got a big opportunity to play at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in July 2011. Then the rest is History. Ah well, that’s not true… The History has only just begun for Canicule Tropicale!

Well enough talk now and let’s get down to business! I asked Jerome a couple of weeks ago to record a first mix for the blog, so he kindly asked me which style I would like to get. So because I don’t have a lot of cuban stuff in my record collection (yet!), why not make it an AFRO-CUBAN MIX? Well here it is folks! Missing this killer killer selection would definately be a major fail if you ask me…!

For more info on DJ Kobal’s bio and available online mixes, please visit these nice links:
DJ Kobal on facebook
WeFunk Radio
Afrokats Record Label

conjunto caney – ni yo mismose (areito)
pacho alonso y su pachucos – simale a lo bonne (areito)
grupo irakere – bacalao con pan (areito)
elio reve y su charangon – mi salsa tiene (areito)
juan pablo torres – pastel en descarga (areito)
grupo monumental – si para usted (areito)
orquestra riverside – en casa del trompo no bailes (areito)
los reyes – un lamento hecho cancion (areito)
los chuqui – su senoria el son (areito)
braciela mario & friends – mambo inn (caiman)
a sandoval – night In tunisia (areito)
raul gomez – dacapo (areito)
los 5. u.4 – seis iguala seis (areito)
grupo monumental – limitacion (areito)
mozambique – maria caracoles (areito)
mozambique – mozambique (areito)
benny more – tumba tumbador (discuba)


One Comment on “Cuba Libre (blended by DJ KOBAL)”

  1. christine says:

    SUH-WEET! muchas gracias amigos!

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