Exclusive Mix for 70’s Afro-Lusophonia!

This is a very special blend of brazilian, angolan and caboverdian tracks dug out from my deeply loved record collection. I’m dedicating this exclusive mix to my dear facebook brother Vik (Vikram Sohonie) who created the great facebook group called ’70’s Afro-Lusophonia’ dedicated to music made in portuguese-speaking countries like Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and of course my favorite place in the world that is Brazil! Please check the facebook group here at http://www.facebook.com/groups/afrolusophonia/
Sorry no tracklist this time… Hope you can still enjoy!


5 Comments on “Exclusive Mix for 70’s Afro-Lusophonia!”

  1. Orlando says:

    The second song, starting at 4:30 is the best samba I have ever heard! Simply exotic and sexual. Wow! Surprised you didn’t include Bonga. The Angola 72 and 74 albums are the best music from the period. Muadikime and Marika are the best of his early work!

  2. For god sake ! How can I go through this ! Thanks Philippe !! Good job ! I never heard that Ê rerê version ! Is it J.B. de Carvalho singing ? Fantastic tune ! I think this is one the first version recorded, 1953. Check it !

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