This is… Samba Soul!

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Hello everyone! This is a very special post promoting a new and very promising Montreal-based collective called les Essentiels du Brésil dedicated to the brazilian social dances in Montreal, Canada. This collective is mainly managed by 3 people: Vanessa Vieira (president), a Paulista who recently moved from Sao Paulo to Montreal; Pierre-Henri Dobill (treasurer), a Cameroon native who established residency in Canada after graduating from University in Montpellier, France, a bit more than 10 years ago. Finaly there’s the official photo-documentarist of the group, Dioni Pereira (secretaire), who well completes the young and promising team!

Their History:
‘Initially, it was just a fortuitous idea, an exciting thought exchanged a little hastily, here and there, between two cafes, two dances. A desire that arose out of the randomness of conversations and that lives accordingly to the capricious seasons of existences immersed in the banalities of the ordinary.

Marcos Brasil was Pierre-Henri’s dance teacher. Vanessa met Marcos. Marcos introduced Pierre-Henri to Vanessa who was Dionì’s friends and Dionì in turn became the friend of Pierre-Henri.

While some encounters are intentionally provoked, there are others that just respond to this mysterious logic that stands beyond our understanding and that we commonly like to call:  Chance.’

So to celebrate the new coming in Brazilian-related events here in Montreal,  I recorded a very special mix with some of my hottest Samba Soul taken from my own personal brazilian record collection! Hope you like it!!



Joao Bosco – Bala com bala
Salinas – Tenha fé…
Os Carbonos – Mexe mexe
Doris Monteiro – De noite na cama
Os Carnonos – Kriola
Wanderlea – Mane Joao
Paulo Jeronimo – Vida agitada
Trio Ternura – A gira
Ana Rosely – Rezei
Elias de Lima – Levamando
Georgette – É pra quem tem fé
Bebeto – Gabriela
Os Carbonos – Eu bebo sim
Jorge Ben & Lucinha Lins – Georgia e Jorge
Paulo Ramos – Gosto amargo da vida
Zaira – Compadre Bento
Lady Zu – Hora De União
Copa 7 – Derepente
Grupo Cravo e Canela – Nega de canecalon
Copa 7 – Amigo branco
Copa 7 – Anseio

Link to les Essentiels du Brésil website


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